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Aug 2016
João Pacheco
Aug 30 2016 14:39
Input is not having same behaviour as material website...
João Pacheco
Aug 30 2016 15:18
simple md-input-container is not showing error messages like regular input type text. version 1.1.0
Tom Matheussen
Aug 30 2016 15:19
you using ng-messages elements? Make sure you have the module loaded then
João Pacheco
Aug 30 2016 16:22
Yes. i could also reproduce the problem on angular material web site by choosing different versions.
open Input with "1.1.0-rc.5" and "1.1.0"
The error appears when open for the first time "1.1.0-rc.5" and on "1.1.0", only appear if user click on the box
regular input type text with angular is working fine.
João Pacheco
Aug 30 2016 16:53
@Tommatheussen Maybe is related with this angular/material#9454
Paul Gschwendtner
Aug 30 2016 19:29
Yeah that's the issue
Aug 30 2016 20:14
hi guys! I need some tip, How can i load another view on sidebar? I have an sidenav with list items, What i want to do is, when i click on some list item, load the details of this clicked item
i want to load the details view on the same sidenav
João Pacheco
Aug 30 2016 20:55
Reusing same view with different model could lead to problems if you use md- max length, for instance