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Sep 2016
Kenichi Suzuki
Sep 01 2016 00:17
Please let me know, Angular material support the IE11?
João Pacheco
Sep 01 2016 05:08
Yes, i recommend above version 1.1.0 rc5
Giannis Androulidakis
Sep 01 2016 09:33
hey i am trying to install Angular MD to my project - though i cannot find angular-cli-build.js file in the root of my project, as mentioned in the docs
node version : 6.4.0
npm version: 3.10.3
angular-cli: 1.0.0-beta.11-webpack.2
Giannis Androulidakis
Sep 01 2016 09:40
does this version of angular-cli produce that file at all ? else how to install MD ?
Jesús López Morales
Sep 01 2016 11:46
Hi, i've problem with Theme
I set md-primary in a <md-list> and not workin
How can apply this style to list?
João Pacheco
Sep 01 2016 12:15
Did you initialize color pallet on ng app init?