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Sep 2016
Manuel Pacheco
Sep 04 2016 08:49
@dman777 remember that a div without specified sizes (width and height) will fit their content. Trying to center its inside content wont work. Conclusion: check the dimensions of containers.
Edwin Dennis
Sep 04 2016 16:00
know because when I place
< router-outlet> < /router-outlet>
doubles my code ?
Manuel Pacheco
Sep 04 2016 20:42
for anyone interested, I've been working (with decent success) on a library that only focuses on the Layout System of Angular Material 1 and so far it works pretty well. Give it a look ;)
João Pacheco
Sep 04 2016 20:48
@odyright is, i saw that, and it seems similar to a wizard. Next, next next....but I don't know any control that can do that out of the box.... At least on material design