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Sep 2016
Nishant Jain
Sep 20 2016 01:24
How to use style.css with mdThemingProvider
Nishant Jain
Sep 20 2016 02:22
Has anyone used $mdThemingProvider.registerStyles("CUSTOMCSS")
Sep 20 2016 12:07
hi everybody can you help me please, i have this error in my depency
Capture d’écran 2016-09-20 à 14.06.06.png
i try to add ng route to my html page and 'ngRoute to my depency and i,'ve always have this error
Sep 20 2016 14:37
Hi, can anyone help me with $mdThemingProvider, so I tried to modify some default colours but if I try to hover on buttons its using the default colour not the themed colour
here's the ticket for this angular/material#9601
any help will be appreciated, thanks
this thing works in v1.0.9
Punita Ojha
Sep 20 2016 15:22
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This message was deleted