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Sep 2016
Sep 26 2016 08:29
Hi guys.
Are there any live demos of the material design 2?
Tom Matheussen
Sep 26 2016 08:31
Sep 26 2016 08:32
@Tommatheussen I have seen the first one
any other?
Tom Matheussen
Sep 26 2016 08:33
no idea, haven’t really used material 2 yet
Sep 26 2016 08:35
ok thanks anyway
Sep 26 2016 10:08
hi guys i have problem HELP please <md-tab id="tab1" style=" background-color: green;"> <md-tab-label mydrct>1</md-tab-label> <md-tab-body mydrct>Awesome number 1</md-tab-body> </md-tab> .directive('mydrct', function(){ return{ template:'<div>sdhfbhsbd</div>' } });
probably somebody knows how to formalize that in the right way
troble with directive mydrct it doesn't show
Tally Barak
Sep 26 2016 16:47
@kazakdmitry why do you need the mydrct on the md-tab-body itself? probably problem with not having a root element to attach to.
Yousef Shanawany
Sep 26 2016 19:03
When I have a layout="column", how can I make the items have a max width? Manual CSS?
I bascially want to make a container and don't want the child elements to overflow