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Oct 2016
corentin gautier
Oct 17 2016 08:52
hi ! Does anybody knows if it possible to set a mdPanel width according to its target element ? I'm trying to emulate a md-select but with more options (select all etc ...) and I'm using $mdPanel to achieve that. Works great except for that width issue. ( also I don't get how to animate the panel, the doc is kinda confusing ). Mmmk bye :smile:
eassa nassar
Oct 17 2016 13:36

i dont know exactly where to put this , but i want something like fontSizeSelect in google docs :

where you can select from options and write it as well . do you have any solution or ideas ?

Dirk H. Wolthuis
Oct 17 2016 20:55
Guys does anybody knows why this happens?