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Oct 2016
Ilya Dorman
Oct 25 2016 09:20
Hi, is there a demo somewhere of how to use an ngMaterial standalone component?
Oct 25 2016 14:50
Hi! Could anybody help me playing jQuery inside md-tabs?
I found that any jquery function (like $('#foo').click()) doesn't work if the target element is inside an md-tab content
Oct 25 2016 16:00
Hi All
material forms are not working properly in ng route
<md-input-container class="md-block">
<input type="password" name="password" placeholder="password" required="" md-maxlength="16"/>
<div ng-messages="Form.password.$error" role="alert" multiple="">
<div ng-message="required" class="my-message">Please enter your password.</div>
<div ng-message="md-maxlength" class="my-message">Too long.</div>
It's getting like above
Oct 25 2016 16:10
If am executing the same code in index page is working properly
Tim Sandberg
Oct 25 2016 16:45
what is the attribute to get multi-line text in an md-input?
Tim Sandberg
Oct 25 2016 17:39
Ha! Just kidding! Everbody knows the Material spec has an md-textarea. It's just not implemented! Hi Yo!
Darin Hensley
Oct 25 2016 20:54

Hi, if anyone might possibly know how to get rid of the inner Y scroll bar of md-content and push the vertically push the viewport appropriately so the outter y scroll bar scrolls it.