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Nov 2016
Ed Morales
Nov 13 2016 05:11
Simon Hampton
Nov 13 2016 15:37
I am having problems with checkboxes showing the opposite of their state. I set all values programatically with
      <md-checkbox [checked]='checked' (click)='handleClick($event)'>
        <div class='timestamp'>{{tp.Time[0] | toDate | date:'HH:mm:ss'}}</div>
        <div class='distance'>{{tp.DistanceMeters[0] | toKm | number:'1.2-2'}} km</div>
And the picture shows what Augury finds. The checked value is false, but the on screen element is checked. It is only the ones that are clicked up that go wrong; others that I set only by JS work fine.
Simon Hampton
Nov 13 2016 16:04
My code works fine with normal <input type="checkbox"