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Nov 2016
Sébastien Tessot
Nov 22 2016 00:25
Hi guys, I'm looking for a file picker button, but haven't found anything for now. Do you have any recommendation for that?
Fabian Wiles
Nov 22 2016 11:00
taking a look at the readme for snackbar I think the properties for the config are incorrect
since they don't match up here
in the readme it says role but in the code it says politeness and on my current version it works with politeness
Nov 22 2016 12:04
Brian A.
Nov 22 2016 22:12

how do I get the material colors to show? I've imported the css in my index.html

<link href="" rel="stylesheet">

and I'm using the components in my html,

<md-sidenav-layout fullscreen>
    <md-sidenav #start (open)="closeStartButton.focus()" mode="push" color="primary">
        <button md-button #closeStartButton (click)="start.close()">Close</button>
    <md-toolbar [color]="primary">
        <span>Second Row</span>
    My regular content. This will be moved into the proper DOM at runtime.
    <button md-button (click)="">Open start sidenav</button>

but no colors or anything are showing up. Any suggestions?

Nov 22 2016 23:15
can I create a acordion menú in Material Desgin ?
Brian A.
Nov 22 2016 23:33
none of the actual styling is coming through on my project
the spacing, sliding, all the effects etc, but no color.
Everything is just plain white.