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Jan 2017
Jan 09 2017 03:37
anybody using flex-layout, I am concerning that it is not compatible with angular 2.4. what do you usually take to control the layout
Leo Scordilis
Jan 09 2017 19:20
@thewalk I'm not really having any problems with it. Usually when things are explicitly incompatible there are errors in the console, but flex-layout has some really nuanced rules that you only learn with experience. Make sure you read the docs carefully.
@dman777 you can put md-select in md-input-container and make it part of a form, that way you can use all the ng-form and ng-messages API tools
Jan 09 2017 19:48
Is there an example somewhere on how to hook up a spinner to an observable?
Jan 09 2017 20:23
also what's the difference between md-progress-spinner, md-progress-circle, and md-progress-circular (except that md-progress-circular doesn't autocomplete in my environment, using angular/material 2.0.0-alpha.11-3)
Punita Ojha
Jan 09 2017 22:09
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