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Jan 2017
Jan 12 2017 07:38
hi guys, i found md-content in Firefox have some problem. when resizing my Firefox browser , the content does not resize accordingly but disappear. However Chrome is working fine , use firefox to browse and smaller the window size, the content hide and no scroll bar
Mbuyu Lucas Makayi
Jan 12 2017 13:02
Hey guys I have an issue with fab in my app, it keeps strolling with the entire web page when it should be fixed. How can fix this ?
Leo Scordilis
Jan 12 2017 15:33
@paradigmist nope, just use normal <table> or try to build your own :+1:
@machtyn if you're just using an indeterminate spinner, you can <spinner ng-if = subscriptionNotReady>
Renato Martins
Jan 12 2017 19:36
I have a menu, when i click it, a "menu-content" appears, but it gets all messed up, when i try to change the CSS values, theres an element style thats generated by the code and i cant find it anywhere...