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Jan 2017
Michael Prentice
Jan 18 2017 01:53
@realcnbs md-table is being worked on. In the mean time it’s recommended to use
@scionwest yes, angular/material layouts enable responsive design and responsive UI. You can see some slides on it here: Video here:
@t-hughes there is no built in support for that and I haven’t seen a good example to share with you. It’ll be up to you to implement the animations and transitions.
Ali Al-Obaji
Jan 18 2017 10:58
Hello guys, AngularMaterial is still in Alpha right ?
Mateus Carniatto
Jan 18 2017 13:07
Hey guys... I'm facing styling problems with Angular Material 2
for example if I try to style a md-menu with display: flexit seems to ignore my styling
Jan 18 2017 16:12
so what is the state of material design?
for angular(2)
Chris Tunbridge
Jan 18 2017 17:19
@Carniatto make sure to do !important on your CSS, also when targetting it with styling, if you're coming from within a component use the /deep/ selector.
I am working with material on angular 2, and on the tabs i notice it removes the content when its not visible, this is causing some initialization issues, is there any way to disable the material tab from emptying its contents out?
Jan 18 2017 18:20
@foxjazz The project I'm working on shows we are using 2.0.0-alpha.11-3. When I started up a demo project, I was given 2.0.0-beta.1.