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Jan 2017
Emmanuel Kaku
Jan 19 2017 01:07
how do i configure the routers in anguakr
Jan 19 2017 07:48
hello, I need a datagrid to display my results list. I have found datagrid in Material which can be used with angular1, not with A2. Am i right ? Could you plz suggest me some datagrids for A2. Thanks !
Mateus Carniatto
Jan 19 2017 12:56
@Destreyf thank I've solved the problem with /deep/
Jan 19 2017 16:46
are some of you using bower for front end dependency management?
if yes, is there angular 2 available via bower?
ah there is a bower channel on gitter, I think this should be asked in the #bower, sry
Ludwig Behm
Jan 19 2017 20:40
can someone verify that material#1.1.1 works with angular#1.6.1 ?