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Jan 2017
Jan 27 2017 03:39
I am looking for an angular component to not only display videos in a player - such as ngvideo - but also be able to edit and split videos into sections/grab sections of a video. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
Jan 27 2017 08:59
how do we change md-input-container style inline using md-colors="{}"?
Jan 27 2017 18:36
@badcoder28 wouldn't you do something like this:md-colors="myColorVar" and myColorVar is defined and modified in your component file?
Beau Barbour
Jan 27 2017 19:56
We're having a problem with the grid-list. It displays the contents of the grid, in a pile for a split second before rendering the grid properly. Anyone experienced something like this?