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Jan 2017
Patrick Tran
Jan 30 2017 01:33
does anyone know python that can help me?
Jan 30 2017 14:46
@MattHubbell Yes, we have that problem with our md-inputs
Jan 30 2017 15:24
@MattHubbell On of my developers states that the double line is because of materialize. I don't know enough about it.
Jan 30 2017 15:36
I'm having a problem with my MdDialog modal displaying inline at the bottom of the page, and not as a popover. Anyone ever run into that and have an idea what I need to look at to solve it?
Jan 30 2017 22:03
@machtyn is there any work-around for the md-inputs?
Jan 30 2017 22:43
@machtyn I figured it out. You were right. I had mdbootstrap installed which was causing the conflict. Now I have to rework a lot html.
Jan 30 2017 23:23
trying it out but not having any luck
<md-menu #appMenu="mdMenu">
  <button md-menu-item>Comments</button>
  <button md-menu-item>Loan Info</button>
this apparently does nothing
I think something is wrong with these instructions.