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Mar 2017
Mar 03 2017 05:21
@leosco yes that is right of course i knew that way, however i have an application which has a view which also has a layout='' directive it means ALL the elements is affected by that layout directive but i want SOME of that element not to get affected by it.
<!-- This is my highest level parent  div -->
<div flex class="ng-view" layout="column">
    <!-- bunch of elements is rendered here BUT I WANT TO SOME OF THE ELEMENT TO GET RID OF  LAYOUT='' -->
R. van Twisk
Mar 03 2017 13:20
Hey Guys, I need to wrap an md-datepicker with two dropdowns for hour and minute (angular material lacks an time picker and the client want's this) However, I keep fighting with mf-input-container now allowing multiple input's. How do I in general solve this? TO add, my component works just fine not wrapped in a md-input-container.