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Mar 2017
Jeff Long
Mar 08 2017 00:25
is there a quick and easy way to make the background white instead of light gray with the default theme?
Jeff Long
Mar 08 2017 00:35
without making a custom theme, that is...
R. van Twisk
Mar 08 2017 11:19
@leosco I am not using npm and my sort of applications cannot be used from a public CDN due to privacy issues. I include them using webjars with a maven dependency and I combine the work with JAWR so they all get packaged into just a few large css/js files.
@jjjjeeffff Our (hire in) design team came up with this : md-input-container md-select, md-datepicker .md-datepicker-input, md-input-container .md-input { background-color: #fff;} I am not sure if it's the correct angular material way of doing things
Mar 08 2017 13:45
@xender22 great!
Leo Scordilis
Mar 08 2017 21:15
@rvt I use Meteor for my work with angular-material. They use a custom webpack-ish thing for their client dependencies so that's nice :)