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Mar 2017
Todd H
Mar 09 2017 03:55
Is there a good replacement for tables in angular material? One that doesn't grow to fit the page width? Just a simple grid for page layout? Something like Ionic's col and row classes. I can't get md-grid-list to work:
<md-grid-list md-cols="3" md-row-height="fit">
  <md-grid-tile>ROW 1, CELL 1</md-grid-tile>
  <md-grid-tile>ROW 1, CELL 2</md-grid-tile>
  <md-grid-tile>ROW 1, CELL 3</md-grid-tile>

  <md-grid-tile>A LONGER CELL</md-grid-tile>
  <md-grid-tile>AN EVEN LONGER CELL</md-grid-tile>
  <md-grid-tile>ROW 2, CELL 3</md-grid-tile>
Todd H
Mar 09 2017 05:38
Actually, not like Ionic's grid -- it also grows to the page width, like flex containers
Ajay Kumar
Mar 09 2017 09:02
How can I specify max <div flex> to wrap inside of <div layout="row">?
R. van Twisk
Mar 09 2017 13:24
@ajayak Not 100% sure, but are you looking for