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Mar 2017
Kibeom Kim
Mar 22 2017 03:10 UTC
Q: how do I actually listen to MdSlider change event? I can't find an example ..
ok, (change)
hmm I'm trying to figure out how to actually get the value.. (change)="onChange(/what's here?/)
Christopher Piggott
Mar 22 2017 16:36 UTC
Can you load material icons from node_modules into your angular-cli project,w ithout having to <link> to the internet to get them? My app is disconnected from the internet ...
Christopher Piggott
Mar 22 2017 17:04 UTC
This feels dirty, but it works:
@font-face {
  font-family: 'Material Icons';
  font-style: normal;
  font-weight: 400;
  src: local('Material Icons'), local('MaterialIcons-Regular'),
  url("../node_modules/material-design-icons/iconfont/MaterialIcons-Regular.woff2") format('woff2'),
  url("../node_modules/material-design-icons/iconfont/MaterialIcons-Regular.woff") format('woff'),
  url("../node_modules/material-design-icons/iconfont/MaterialIcons-Regular.eot") format('eot'),
  url("../node_modules/material-design-icons/iconfont/MaterialIcons-Regular.ttf") format('ttf'),
  url("../node_modules/material-design-icons/iconfont/MaterialIcons-Regular.svg") format('svg');
Christopher Piggott
Mar 22 2017 17:12 UTC
oh wow maybe this is enough:
@import '../node_modules/material-design-icons/iconfont/material-icons.css';
Jimmy Jones
Mar 22 2017 18:49 UTC
i have not used it
Mar 22 2017 18:49 UTC
:-D I just found it it is not supported by Microsoft and by angular
Jimmy Jones
Mar 22 2017 18:50 UTC
ah, good to know
IE has always been cancer to support