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Mar 2017
Mar 23 2017 05:50 UTC
@rvt Thank you
Christopher Piggott
Mar 23 2017 14:54 UTC
I have some questions.
1) Why are some things named md-_ and others mat-__ ? Is there going to be a migration toward mat-___ for everything?
2) Are angular (2) md-chips incomplete at this point? i .e. can they be dismissable, editable,e tc. ?
Mar 23 2017 15:18 UTC
is this for material 2
Vladimir Tolstikov
Mar 23 2017 15:29 UTC
for 1) there was message in release note, something like they will move to mat- in styles or something for it to be possible to have half-ng1-half-ng2 upgrade projects (that possibility exists)
Christopher Piggott
Mar 23 2017 15:45 UTC
yeah for ... i guess it's material 2. I'm using angular (2, not js)
Christopher Piggott
Mar 23 2017 17:06 UTC
I wonder how material 2 development is going
like when most of the old features will work
Vladimir Tolstikov
Mar 23 2017 17:11 UTC
I more wondering about proper tree-shaking to be available :)
Mar 23 2017 17:12 UTC
any experts in the rooms
i wanted to know if I can use sidenav to display a routed page
Tarmo Leppänen
Mar 23 2017 19:49 UTC
with angular2+ how can I toggle sidenav from another component ?
Mar 23 2017 21:08 UTC
Hi Folks.