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May 2017
May 08 2017 01:28
My "ng prod build" includes typings/index*.ts for angular Material.... should i remove the typings from my final build ?
May 08 2017 10:26
Hi all, How can I give <md-card> transparent so that the background can be seen inside card?
Jack carlson
May 08 2017 10:26
@antony007joslin you can use opacity property
May 08 2017 10:45
@dpnashsh Thanks
Now all the card contents are transparent, can I give no opacity for the contents inside card?
Ergun Polat
May 08 2017 13:24
Hi, I am trying to use the autocomplete with displaywith, but the values are not being filtered i am getting the all items in the list, for example
Anthony Cocuzza
May 08 2017 18:09
Any idea why I would only get the following error in a spec.ts? "Error: No component factory found for DialogComponent. Did you add it to @NgModule.entryComponents?" This is just a simple ...and that works in my app. It only fails in the spec.ts trying to test the component opening it . Also, fwiw it is in every entryComponents I have (both app level and component level).
Flavio H Freitas
May 08 2017 23:08

Hey, guys!! I have just written another article about Javascript. Let me know what you think :wink: