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May 2017
May 15 2017 09:03

I want to display cards in the center with two/three columns and multiple rows. The cards are displayed dynamically. I want to have equal space between each row of cards. I set this attribute fxLayoutAlign="space-between center" in my code. By refering this link It will not display correctly. There is no space between rows and the last row is not aligned properly with the column. Only the last row is not aligned vertically with the column. When I change the browser window size also the alignment is messed up. These are the versions I am using

Angular version - 2.4.10
"@angular/material": "2.0.0-beta.2",

Moreshwar Dalvi
May 15 2017 09:07
@MythriManjunath , have you tried "offset" class in your grid system?
May 15 2017 09:08
@DalviMoreshwar No. I haven t tried it
@DalviMoreshwar I am having the same issue as mentioned in this link
Moreshwar Dalvi
May 15 2017 09:12
@MythriManjunath , i hope this will help you..
just go through it.. might be it works
May 15 2017 09:18
@DalviMoreshwar Okay thanks. But I wanted to fix it with flex layout
Moreshwar Dalvi
May 15 2017 09:39
@MythriManjunath , if your cards are dynamic then make sure the card data is same and in equal size, might be unequal data it goes vertically
i have seen this link the flex layout itself come with attached grid syste,
May 15 2017 09:44
Hi.. anyone know of an alternative for angular-loading bar in angular2 ?
May 15 2017 20:20
Hi guys
does anyone know hot to detect browser language?
I need to recognize the current browser language in order to set values due to current browser language