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May 2017
Thomas Brunner
May 29 2017 08:42
@henrymana material 2, but I have already resolved the issue, I had to upgrade to the latest version.
May 29 2017 09:56
Hello All..
How to make the contents inside md-card to be displayed in column? Now my contents are displayed in row. I have 4 rows. But I want the contents to be displayed in 2 rows and 2 columns. Is it possible?
Lukas Borawski
May 29 2017 13:51
hey, quick question, how to detect md-swipe event ends?
May 29 2017 16:23
Hello Guys, I have a problem with a app that I'm developing
When I try to create multiple <route-oulet> into a tab.
I create the firts bill without problem, but, when I the second tab and categories I have a problem.
This is the Error: Outlet is not activated
May 29 2017 16:34
How to duplicate views component or route-outlet ?