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May 2017
Alex Dunne
May 30 2017 09:55

Hey, I'm using angular 1.5.8 and angular material 1.1.4 with this code

  <label>Work types</label>
  <md-select ng-model="$ctrl.selectedWorkTypes">

For some reason the select shows but when clicked no options appear

Is there something obvious I'm doing wrong?
I also can't see any of the options in the html
Alex Dunne
May 30 2017 10:01
Nvm, it was to do with the z-index :D
May 30 2017 19:30
Does anybody know on how to make photo-grid kind of a component to show multiple photos in my angular v4 app?
May 30 2017 20:27
You can use the grid component of bootstrap