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May 2017
Jack carlson
May 31 2017 07:26
hi anyone worked on tpl.html files
Varun Kumar Yadav
May 31 2017 07:28
Hello All,
Do you have any idea about, how to do select all functionality in using angular 2 ?
Nishanth Mane
May 31 2017 18:59

iam trying to contribute to angular2-material project and was wondering is there any good way to link it to node_modules, if i use symlink iam getting a warning of missing file and if i just install it via npm install <path to material build> it installs it and compiles without warnings.

So every time i build the project i have to install it in my test setup to debug and test the changes. how can i see that symlink can be added correctly avoiding any warning or error

npm install ../<material_path>/dist/releases/material is how i installed the package which i built from the project using npm build