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Jul 2017
Dennis Belany
Jul 07 2017 02:31
theres a (select) event
probably thats what you looknig for instead of the click
Jul 07 2017 02:55
@azarus I thought I could use those, but the problem is simply clicking a chip doesn't change its selected state, so those events don't don't fire. Maybe I'm missing something.
Dennis Belany
Jul 07 2017 05:08
Chips are selected when clicked. U should put them in a cointainer maybe.
Jul 07 2017 15:57
Hi. Is there a way to reload data in the new md-table if for instance I want to use external filtering?
Jul 07 2017 18:52
Is there a way to style the material2 tooltip?
Jul 07 2017 23:30
@Babyswizz_twitter angular/material2#4601
@Babyswizz_twitter and the PM is here angular/material2#4893