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Jul 2017
Glen Davies
Jul 25 2017 05:14
anybody know how to get material sidenav to collapse to width of icons only rather than completely disappearing when collapsed as in screenshot?
have tried messing around with various min-widths on md elements, but most changes mess with animations
Luke Skelhorn
Jul 25 2017 10:27
Is there any way to get md-tab-group to center?
Jul 25 2017 11:45
@GhanghasChirag_twitter May I know which elements default background color?
@SCRATK md-center-tabs boolean
When enabled, tabs will be centered provided there is no need for pagination
Luke Skelhorn
Jul 25 2017 11:52
@divyameher Thanks. I have ended up just doing it with css
Jul 25 2017 13:39

Hi guys,

Just wanted to share a tool that might make your work much easier, since you love the combination of Material Design and Angular ->

Jul 25 2017 13:42
Cool site! That's angular 4...?
Jul 25 2017 13:43
Jul 25 2017 13:53
@Boldu It looks good but seems so new it still has some issues. I just reported a bug with one of the pages.
Jul 25 2017 13:57
@GokuSSL5 Awesome to here that. You are correct - the kit quite fresh and requires some serious polishing. That's why I humbly hope for the community feedback.
Jul 25 2017 13:59
@Boldu gotcha... good point. I'd love to provide feedback and help out but its challenging when all the useful components; login, registration, social buttons/counters, etc, are part of the premium 'paying' package.
Jul 25 2017 14:05
@GokuSSL5 MDB always had a "Pro" version, since that's the only way we can grow our team and continue working on next releases. I also don't expect you to trust us with your money without getting to know MDB better. All I can suggest is for you to check out the possibilities with Free version and send us your feedback. I'm pretty sure by the time you dig into it, you will see the value of our work :)
Jul 25 2017 15:16
Thanks @Boldu , i'll look into it.
Chaitanya Babar
Jul 25 2017 18:18

Hi All,

I am new to angular material , can you please tell me how is it beneficial & helpful compared with others like angular-bootstrap or foundation . Any information(link) provided would be helpful.


Jul 25 2017 22:06
Anybody have experience migrating an AngularJS app using Angular material to Angular (using ngUpgrade or NgForward)? I have run into some issues getting this to work and I am curious if anybody has done this successfully and could point me to an article.