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Aug 2017
Aug 11 2017 14:11
Hi guys i get this error when i try tu run my app
Field 'browser' doesn't contain a valid alias configuration
/home/s1p5/test/project1/project/node_modules/tether/dist/js/tether.js doesn't exist
i think this is something related to bootstrap 4
but i dont know how to fix it
i m using angular cli
Aug 11 2017 15:06

I'm trying to do 2 GET calls in a dialog asynchronously but every time I run it (either on load or after a click event) it's running synchronously:

  fnGetData(qs:any, id:number){
    return Observable.forkJoin( this._http.get( '/data/count/' + id ).map((res) => res.json()), this._http.get( '/data/'+ id + '?' + this.convertToQueryString(qs) ).map((res) => res.json()) )

If I test this outside the dialog component i.e. the parent component then it runs asynchronously.