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Aug 2017
Aug 15 2017 06:39
Anyone know how to set the first value in an md-select that is populated with dynamic data? Currently the select gets populated but nothing is set.
Aug 15 2017 11:16
@Eppiox <input mdInput placeholder={{variable}} ...>??
Aug 15 2017 11:23
hi, anyone knows how to enable multioption in a mdSelect element?
Aug 15 2017 13:26
does anyone know if md-sidenav can be placed on the right side of the screen instead of the left? example please?
@masber_twitter I think you just put the 'multiple' attribute on the md-select
Aug 15 2017 15:38
@kemmis_twitter I've replaced the dashboard content with a right sidebar on my project, you can do that
Sid Ghodke
Aug 15 2017 16:09
Hi there, I have a large SVG image inside an md-card. But when I view the app from an iPhone, I find that I can't scroll to see the whole image.
Some google searching seems to indicate that min-height is the right fix, but that doesn't seem to be working.
Sid Ghodke
Aug 15 2017 16:21
Does anyone have any pointers?