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Aug 2017
Aug 16 2017 05:07
After 2 days of using material2 i feel like the "sprint from zero to app" on the main site should be "crawl and google" :(
Aug 16 2017 07:56
@Eppiox it's subtle
webdev sucks in general, just the way it is
Aug 16 2017 08:06
Lots of quirks, like i make a <md-toolbar><md-toolbar-row> and it works fine, yet if I put a custom component inside the md toolbar row it makes two toolbar rows on the dom and one is empty. Pretty odd.
Like, i need to put the components is a span. Just so unexpected
Thomas Grainger
Aug 16 2017 11:56
@mgol yo
Aug 16 2017 13:04
Hi 'im trying to install material in stackblitz online editor, I don't get what I want ( material design component )
Here's my stackblitz project
I have applied the official guide
imported modules, install packages, ect , but only text is showed