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Sep 2017
Sep 11 2017 12:35
"No provider for MdDialogRef!" when testing a component which doesn't even has any providers in it's contructor?
Sep 11 2017 14:09
Anyone here use Katalon for testing with Ang-Mat objects?
If so, I'm curious about your experience?
Michael Baldry
Sep 11 2017 21:17
Hey, I'm trying to use material icon, but I just get "unable to find icon with name.." in console.. I'm going by the example <md-icon svgIcon="thumbs-up"></md-icon> - What am I missing?
Michael Baldry
Sep 11 2017 21:25
oh nevermind, I guess that example needs an svgIcon registered - I should be using the other example of <md-icon>home</md-icon>