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Oct 2017
Oct 19 2017 04:47
can anyone tell me if its possible to use aws s3 for universal?
Oct 19 2017 07:08
hi guys anyone how to descending order our group by?
ng-repeat="(type, value) in ctrl.incomes | groupBy:'type ' | orderBy: desc"???
Oct 19 2017 15:03

hi All: i do get this warning when running webpack command :
WARNING in ./~/@angular/material/esm5/progress-spinner.es5.js
230:83-91 "export 'DOCUMENT' was not found in '@angular/common'

WARNING in ./~/@angular/material/esm5/progress-spinner.es5.js
283:83-91 "export 'DOCUMENT' was not found in '@angular/common'

My angular version is 4.4.5
any pointer to the cause and the resolution.
Oct 19 2017 15:34
Good morning, new to this. Using <mat-list> and <mat-list-item>s -- hiding most <mat-list-items> with *ngIf -- hides the content but results in many blank lines/whitespace..Thanks, ps
Oct 19 2017 16:59
Is the follwoing statement correct for ES6?
Prototype = Custom Type = Class
Fábio Carneiro
Oct 19 2017 18:22
I nested the mat-sidenav component inside another component and the backdrop color doesn't appear. Any hint of what I could do to fix that?
alex maori hopkins
Oct 19 2017 18:56
Is there any ETA on when the material-datepicker will support time as well? Want to try to use it, but I need to have a time aspect and I’d rather not make another kludgy thing if that feature gets implemented in the near future