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Oct 2017
Oct 23 2017 09:10
I noticed with angular material you have to add alot of Javascript to the project to make small design adjustments.
Since i have to design an admin tool that currently works but looks bad. I thought it seems like a bigger task than first assumed.
Is there no way to style angular.js project with a css framework. Seems like adding all those js for dropdowns and so on is alot of work for little effect.
Normally i would use something like bootstrap, but angular seems to increase the complexity of simple things alot... What you guys think?
My first impression is almost have to understand how the intire app works to be able to style it.. hmmm (which is alot of work for a designer)
Oct 23 2017 09:19
how to export data to excel,csv from datataable
Oct 23 2017 11:18
@Alyani You should try to see my project description, ShionKeys only one day of practice time can be achieved using chat / office use
You do not listen to it only need a day of practice time.
Oct 23 2017 12:15
How to export json array into excel(xlsx format) in angular2