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Oct 2017
Saurav Shekhar
Oct 24 2017 03:31
Hello Guys..I am looking for date-time picker for my angular2 cli date-range component in material design.(Even with bootsrap will also fine with me) I have searched many npm packages related to it,and many was buggy and is not working properly. Any suggestion or links you have of the working one? Your help will be much appreciated.I am struggling with this from last two days
Oct 24 2017 13:00
Can you use an expansion panel inside a card?
For exampple i have a comments icon
i want to click this icon and it trigger the expansion panel to open with all the comments
Dennis Belany
Oct 24 2017 19:06
I tired combining the expansion panel with card but the styling was anyoing i ended up adding my own component for drop down
And thats just a few lines of code