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Oct 2017
Dennis Belany
Oct 30 2017 05:32
@texirv0203 use http module
It has nothing to do with rxjs
Yakov Karavelov
Oct 30 2017 08:40
Hello, all.
I have something to ask.
My webstorm 11.0 doesn't recognize angular-material 2 tags and attributes.
How do I configure webstorm to make it works?
code editor can't inspect angular-material2's tags and attributes
Please give me an answer.
Paál Gyula
Oct 30 2017 13:09
Hey guys!
Whats the best practise about making layout in material?
i mean building column based cards or something
Dennis Belany
Oct 30 2017 13:21
We usw angular flex layouts for that
And it works fine
Ravi Rajput
Oct 30 2017 15:11
hi i need a quick help
i want to set a image as a background to a div,
n im iterating an array, and that array contains the image paths
i know background-image:url('path')
it works when i directly paste the path here
Vladimir Isayev
Oct 30 2017 19:14
Hello, guys!
Is it possible to use multiple controllers on one page with Angular Material? I know that it is possible with AngularJS. You just need to give them different names. But when I do this with Angular Material I get a white screen. I need to have several applications on one page: sidenav, tabs, tables etc...