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Nov 2017
Vikash Prasad
Nov 21 2017 09:47
need help to remove ripple effect from button after click
Nov 21 2017 18:43
Hey guys, need your little help, i'm using the <mat-select> component in the project and need to select dynamically <mat-option>. Angular don't provide [selected] method for the <mat-option>. Here it's an plunker with my case:
the option should be selected when property selected it's true. How i can do that without hacks, if you have any solutions, it'll be great. Thanks!
Lisa Copeland
Nov 21 2017 23:30
Hi All - I wanted to use material in my project but I was defeated by build errors - my project was building fine but when I tried to add Material it forced me to upgrade to Angular 5 - I wasn't able to do a production build after that so I went back to Angular 4.2.4. My question - is it possible for me to install an earlier version of Material and use that for awhile until the dust settles around Angular 5? My issues were around Webpack and I wasn't able to work them out.