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Nov 2017
Dave Vaughan
Nov 22 2017 00:55
@costea93 Dont you give it a model to work with ? it should update that model for the selected, and vice verca.
vu minh chien
Nov 22 2017 03:59
Lisa your project ?
Lisa Copeland
Nov 22 2017 06:41
@adambet3 I think i was having webpack issues because of dependencies
Nov 22 2017 07:13
@rbnzdave yes, it's update the model when i select new item, but i need to select the item also when page just initialized based on boolean property
Michael Prentice
Nov 22 2017 07:59
Just FYI, this channel is for AngularJS Material for use with AngularJS. For issues and questions related to Angular Material for use with Angular (v2+), please use
Additionally, if you have longer questions or need to post more details/screenshots, the AngularJS Material Forums can be found here:!forum/ngmaterial
Nov 22 2017 19:04
anyone can show me a way how to make a modal(dont know if is modal or not) like is at upwork website , when you click on an ad it slides from right to left with the content
Nov 22 2017 22:22
you know what would be nice ? Something like await for observable