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Nov 2017
Nov 25 2017 03:31
@Splaktar not the sidebar. on desktop view when you click on a job ad it slides from the right to left
i dont k ow how to do that
Michael Prentice
Nov 25 2017 06:22
@sudhakarkt please open an issue with a CodePen that demonstrates the issue
Michael Prentice
Nov 25 2017 06:31
@itsSilver ah. I’m not a member of Upwork and don’t have a login, but the pages that I can see seem to be using AngularJS and Bootstrap, not AngularJS Material. I would take a look at for building your own custom component like that though.
@lexcaraig For Angular Material, please try to material2 channel. This channel is for
Nov 25 2017 12:43
I can't use Angular Material in an angular4 project any help please??
Nov 25 2017 19:59
I get this error when try to use Angular Material in Angular 5 Unexpected directive 'MatToolbar' imported by the module 'AngularMaterialModule'. Please add a @NgModule annotation
Googled around but can seem to find a way to resolve this error. Anyone know how to fix this please?
can't *
I've encapsulated the importing of Angular Material components into a separate module and annotated it with @NgModule.
Don't really know what the error is trying to tell me
Nov 25 2017 22:13
haha! rookie error. fixed it now.
@brahimkra This YouTube video might help
Nov 25 2017 23:32
Anyone know how I fix this error Can't bind to 'matMenuTriggerFor' since it isn't a known property of 'button'
Never mind. Fixed it. As you can tell I'm new to Material, hence the rookie errors :)