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Dec 2017
Dec 05 2017 01:12
Hi guys. I'm trying to create a standard mat-sidenav-container (ng 5) and i'm experiencing some issues on Google Chrome. Can someone help me with that part?
Dec 05 2017 09:36
Hi, I'm having a problem with the md-vitual repeat. After switching between tabs and the element gets hidden/destroyed, when I switch back I get a scrolling bug. It seems that the translateY is not calculated properly. Anyone else got this?
Dec 05 2017 10:20
Hello, I am trying to add polyfills.js in my website I have install all the necessary packages that were listed in angular docs. Now this has a table for safari, firefox and IE which mentions the polyfills needed to run the website on these browsers. I am trying to google these polyfills and how these have to be install but couldn't find anything. can anyone help
Dec 05 2017 19:07
@aadii104 show your code