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Dec 2017
Dec 06 2017 03:17
Hi! Where is API generator? I like it, and want to use to document my project.
Pawan Kumar
Dec 06 2017 07:03
i am getting unknown tags while using material tags in webstorm? Any solution?
Dec 06 2017 15:00

I'm trying to understand how the Stepper works. Looking at the docs here:

It looks like the stepControl is an AbstractControl. What qualifies as an abstract control?

In my case, I don't really want any kind of form to proceed to the next step, I just want to user to click an item in a list
Dec 06 2017 16:43
Do you know any good sidenav demo with the last Angular/Material Version ? (Maybe a nice hamburger menu ?)
i am trying to do same thing :D, well on my setup, even after importing Mediamatcher from @angular/cdk/layout ,
I get No provider for Media Matcher error
can anyone tell why, please
Dec 06 2017 22:53
@techdiary nice job