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Dec 2017
Emmanuel Kaku
Dec 07 2017 02:51
how do i create a a user click button to add record in angular
Aayush Sharma
Dec 07 2017 06:27
@jindeli05 start from here:
Abigail Fernandes
Dec 07 2017 06:41
I am using Material with Angular 5, Material version is rc2. When I use ng serve, the app works perfectly. However, when I build in prod mode that is ng build --prod, all of the Material components don't work correctly. Can someone help me with this?
Aayush Sharma
Dec 07 2017 06:42
@AbigailFernandes open a flag at material2 github site with error list.
Is there any way to route sidenav list item to render inside <router-outlet>
Sahil jain
Dec 07 2017 17:27
can anyone please share example of angular material paginator?
Bas van den Heuvel
Dec 07 2017 17:44


Is there anyone who was able to get the material data table working togheter with a trackByFn?????

I have a trackByFn implemented (just like i have for my ngFor's) but still all md-rows are recreated in my DOM???