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Dec 2017
Thomas Schaffter
Dec 20 2017 00:57
On a similar note, I'm considering using Angular Material or Material Design Lite. They seem to provide both the same components with only a few differences. Is there a clear reason to choose one rather than another? Which one adopted by the largest community?
आदित्य शर्मा
Dec 20 2017 03:34
how can I create an step-wise form?
right now I am doing with switch case, any other suggestions please?
Dec 20 2017 04:19
@tschaffter I am in a similar boat. Navigation layout provided by material design lite seems to be not available by angular-material.
This is the first component I looked at and angular-material disappointed me. I am not sure whether community uses angular-material and material lite both in tandem. For css based components like mdl-layout__header, I believe we would require material lite in addition to angular-material. Please correct me if I am wrong.
Thomas Schaffter
Dec 20 2017 15:12
@anupanup2001 In my first AngularJS Material project, I reproduced the Navigation layout you describe with a combination of <md-toolbar>, <md-nav-bar> and <md-sidenav>. The mdl navigation layout that you refer is more intuitive to use. Documentation seems to be more comprehensive for mdl than for Material. I have some experience with Material but I'll give mdl a try for the above reasons (nagivation layout, documentation) and because it seems to include all the components I need. Mdl also has a Badge component that is missing in Material that can be useful in my current project.