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Dec 2017
Dec 27 2017 07:01
can someone help me
i have more than one mat-dialog
and i want to remove the padding at one of my dialog without remove all padding on my padding ..
sorry wrong room i think
Tarmo Leppänen
Dec 27 2017 14:38
arzazahrian: just click the top right corner icon (Edit in StackBlitx)
Mathan K A
Dec 27 2017 15:23

It might be silly but I couldn't find the solution.
Scenerio is I want to find two different array of objects which have same key. if its same, then i want to create new array and push that key into that.

arrA = [{id: 1, name: A}, {id:2,name: B}]
arrB = [{id:1, isActive: true}]
Compare and if id's are same. then push that id into new array
output: arrC = [{id:1, available: true}]

Please give me the guidance with sample code.