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Dec 2017
Dec 28 2017 10:22
Guys, I need serious help. I am trying to use AngularJS Material, and I don't know how to import one of the directives. PLEASE HELP!
Craig Freeman
Dec 28 2017 14:16
OmerFlame - which directive?
is anyone about on here? I am having a random problem with dialogs :(
Med Amir Saadallah
Dec 28 2017 14:18
@Craig939393_twitter what problem
Craig Freeman
Dec 28 2017 14:18
mat-dialog-content is not a known element
i updated to the latest version and it broke
never mind - I have no idea why it worked before. Wasnt importing the dialog module!
Med Amir Saadallah
Dec 28 2017 14:21
make sure you change the module in import to
import {MatDialogModule} from '@angular/material';
Paul Kujawa
Dec 28 2017 16:17
hey guys, I use webpack in a project and the bundle analyzer shows that material's deeppurple.css is actually included in the js bundle. can i avoid that since it's quite big? i use sass and thus the webpack sass and css loader and import the deeppurple.css there already. is there maybe a scss file i can import? maybe even module based so I don't import styles for components i don't even use?
Russel Porosky
Dec 28 2017 17:50
Is there a way to override the background colours used in the light theme when creating your own theme via the mat-light-theme() mixin? Or am I stuck adding CSS rules to do that?