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Jan 2018
आदित्य शर्मा
Jan 02 2018 05:36
Hello all, please suggest me about this part.
I have built some input forms for a project and now I working on some kind of output pages where I have an edit option which will open the popup of same input page related to it with""" auto filled data""'.
Should i create different input page component or can I make old pages to handle same auto filled forms?
Quan Truong
Jan 02 2018 06:35
@aadii104 I would create another component for the editing page. Create an edit button that, when clicked, pops up the editing page. That's just how I would approach it.
Jan 02 2018 06:49
can please send modal demo
आदित्य शर्मा
Jan 02 2018 07:23
Thank u @quanological I have started with this only but I felt it would be repetition of a lot of work, code size will b high....