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Jan 2018
Jakob Knutsen
Jan 19 2018 07:41
Can I find documentation on ErrorStateMatcher anywhere? Nothing is showing up in my searches. Specifically I'm looking at the Select example and want to modify the matcher to fit a certain need.
Jakob Knutsen
Jan 19 2018 09:28
nvm, found my answers at
Rob Steuber
Jan 19 2018 11:26

hello: when i instal angular material i get following error:

Module not found: Error: Can't resolve 'rxjs/operators/filter'

anybody know why?
Jakob Knutsen
Jan 19 2018 12:31
@rsteuber I would suggest to check imports and cross-check with one of the linked examples at
Jan 19 2018 14:04
I shamelessly show ShionKeys to everyone
Stephen Cawood
Jan 19 2018 19:37
I'm getting mixed messages about using Material with Universal. I'm trying it and so far have only found one issue (with MatDialog). Is using Material with Universal a bad idea?