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Jan 2018
Jan 29 2018 16:12
@tschaffter :hover works
Christopher Stock
Jan 29 2018 16:56
Hi all, is anyone able to point me in the direction of docs about creating dependent value mat-select fields?
Joel Cipriano
Jan 29 2018 18:11
Hi! Does anybody know where can I download all .svg icons?
Jan 29 2018 19:12
anyone run into issues withe Chrome Version 64.0 update causing mat-tab labels to vanish?
Thomas Schaffter
Jan 29 2018 21:42
Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 16.38.30-01.png
Hi, I'd like to do the above in angular 5, that is a list with different button that perform action different from clicking on the md-list-item. Is there an equivalent of "md-secondary" in material 5?
@funkizer Thanks! I'm tested today on another browser and the item in the menu are correctly highlighted.
Thomas Schaffter
Jan 29 2018 21:51
The solution suggested in the thread is that there are region of the mat-list-item that are clickable but don't do anything.