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Mar 2018
Luke Crooks
Mar 16 2018 11:55
Anyone know how I can force dynamic rendered content into a certain grid list? Example here:
    <mat-grid-list cols="2"  rowHeight="8:1">
        <mat-grid-tile-header>Clocked In</mat-grid-tile-header>
    <mat-grid-tile >
        <mat-grid-tile-header>Clocked Out</mat-grid-tile-header>

    <!-- render this inside Clocked In Column -->
    <mat-grid-tile *ngFor="let user of usersIn">
        <button mat-raised-button color="accent">

    <!-- render this inside Clocked out Column -->
    <mat-grid-tile *ngFor="let user of usersOut">
        <button mat-raised-button color="warn">

Filip Białek
Mar 16 2018 12:46
hi there! can anybody share with me sass function or mixin for generating sass map with custom map for material color palette? so basically I would like to have a sass function that I can pass one color and it returns whole map with a palette.