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Mar 2018
YuvaRaj Raghunapu
Mar 23 2018 09:26
Hi all,
am trying to using .html <mat-toolbar>My App</mat-toolbar> after installing the material; but am getting error as "'mat-toolbar' is not a known element:
ā€œ Any help?
Mar 23 2018 12:12
Hi guys, I have a really annoying issue related to implementing material tools and can't work out what is going wrong, any help would be much appreciated!
so i installed material, cdk and browseranimation, imported them in my app.module.ts file but whenever I try to use a tool like <mat-form-field> in the html the dashboard compiles but the browser returns the following error:
Error: Template parse errors: 'mat-form-field' is not a known element
spent more time than i'd care to admit on this issue... xD
Mar 23 2018 15:07
@RavC357 make sure you import MatInputModule
Mar 23 2018 15:08
@kwilliams-curago Yup, i have imported that
@kwilliams-curago I think i have the issue narrowed down to the index.html file potentially causing the issue but i have no idea how to go about fixing it xD