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May 2018
Nuwan Chamara
May 02 2018 05:02
Hi, I want the Angular material tab's mat-ink-bar to take the width of the tab header text's width. Currently it is larger than the tab header text width.
Current look.PNG
Above image shows the current look
Proper width.PNG
Above image shows how I want it to be
Can somebody help me on how to make this happen?
Mateus Carniatto
May 02 2018 09:23
Hey Guys, I have a recurrent problem with Angular Material. Every time I close a dialog or a sidenav the mat-button-icon is focused under it. Am I doing something wrong or there is a fix for this?
Mateus Carniatto
May 02 2018 09:40
cdkTrapFocus does not seems to work
May 02 2018 10:14
how to add mat auto complete not found message when the list is empty in angular 5
May 02 2018 16:51
If any want to use emojis in angular or ionic:
Russel Porosky
May 02 2018 17:44
Is it possible to emit values from an open dialog to the calling component without closing the dialog?
Or do I need to pass a Subject as one of the data values?